Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 4 Principal Award

Well done to Logan and Ace on receiving the Principal Award this week.

Keep up the great learning.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cross Country!!

Congratulations to EVERYONE for such an amazing effort with Cross Country!

We all ran out little legs off and did such an amazing job!

We all enjoyed the training leading up to Cross Country and we have wanted to keep it going. Every day we have been enjoying the sun shine by getting out and doing fitness. Even Miss Tubbs joins in with us! 

Congratulations to our top 3 boys. James, Rowan then Mika!!

Congratulations to our top 3 girls. Karen, Suzie then Olivia!!


Go Logan - you can catch Mika! 

Boys feeling nervous and excited before the start of their race!! Miss Tubbs told us to feel nervous is a good thing. 

Watch out Connor - Rowan is going to get you!

Unfortunately there are no photos of the girls, as Miss Tubbs was running with them. 

Our little gardens

Room 2 and 3 took advantage of the beautiful sun and got together to plant seeds in recycled bottles.

First we decorated the bottles with newspaper, then learnt about how to plant and care for seeds. 
We talked about how we need to water our seeds and that they need sun to help them grow.

We filled our bottled pots with potting mix and sprinkled our seeds over top, watering them just a little bit.

We are now excited to watch them grow.

Te Tuhi Class trip

Te Tuhi was full of colour and so much fun!!

We were lucky to have Jeremy who taught us about the colour wheel and showed us the HUGE statue and what it was made for.

I like the statue - Rowan

I liked making colour wheels - Connor + Logan

I loved the steam coming out of the trailer - Eve

It was awesome having my mum come with me, she got me a treat from the cafe - Annabelle D

Here are a few photos from the day.

Mika taking so much care in his colour wheel! Well done.

Mathletic Certificates

Don't forget to keep up with Mathletics!

When we get 1000 + points - and receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate, we get our certificate handed out in class.

It is such a great feeling when we get our certificate!
We are always trying to get more points than our friends!

Welcome to our new students

Welcome to Claudia and Rachyl - they have settled into Room 2 with ease and everyone is making them feel so welcome! 

They even received the Principal Award on their first week. Ka Pai

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We were lucky to have Football for Children come into school and give us a demonstration of what programs they offer. 

We prayed the rain to hold off and it did!!!

 We started off with a game of soccer in an awesome blow up soccer field. 

Annabelle showing off her soccer skills to the boys.

The fight is on between bibs and non-bibs

GO Team Green!!!

We then moved to the next station to practice our dribbling. Go Connor.

It was a race to stop and put your foot on the ball - we were all so quick.

We then had to be the first to put our nose on the ball - the balls were super stinky, 

It was so much fun playing Football - We asked Miss Tubbs is we could go out and play when it decides to stop raining and she said YES!!!